Best Fastrack Smartwatch: The Definition of Smart Accessories India!

Fastrack and the Youth Rebel:

For every person looking for an uncommon accessory, Fastrack has been the answer. Since its inception in 1998, Fastrack has changed the way the youth thinks. After getting an individual status at Titan’s expense, Fastrack Smartwatch has endlessly prospered.

Despite venturing into overall accessories and much more, watches remain their stronghold. Fastrack provided millennial and Gen-Z with the “out of the box” identity. Every product has been unique and exuberant and most importantly, budget-friendly.

Redefining the Smartwatch Trend:

Before Fastrack made an entry, the smartwatch trend was limited and expensive. People chose smartwatches to monitor health or stay connected mainly. With the rise of Fastrack smartwatches, fashion became integral.

Beyond fashion, comfort has been of paramount importance. With the launch of their latest “Reflex series”, Fastrack has made serious inroads. They have revolutionized the features, and fit it perfectly into everyone’s budget too!

What Makes Fastrack Smartwatch Special:

  • Water Resistant: Just like Majority premium Fastrack products, Fastrack smartwatch is fully water-resistant. The majority can be exposed to water for over a minute without harm.
  • Flexibility: The fact that your perfect smartwatch is flexible is always important. Fastrack smartwatch offers the freedom to move without worry.
  • Range: A wide variety of colors, sizes, and screens make it available in a wide scheme of varying ranges.
  • Pricing: Most of the latest Reflex series are spaced in the range of two thousand and above. This attracts the eye of the budget-friendly youth.
  • Service: People can rely on titan and Fastrack for customer integrity. Showrooms are widely spread across the world for quick and efficient service.

Fastrack Reflex 2.0 is the New Cool:

When Fastrack came up with Reflex the latter half of the decade, a surprise was in store. Not only is the technology better, but also user friendly. Made out of plastic and rubber material, the belt gives added flexibility and comfort.

While designing this particular product, Fastrack made it universal. Most smartwatches are made for western clothes or sports, but Fastrack kept the design open. They make sure that Fastrack watches are easily matched with formals as well as casuals.

Even in the day to day life, people use Fastrack smartwatch to monitor their lifestyle. Professionals can use friendly features to control their work and monitor them. Easy to monitor message and call features make it work-friendly. The use of Li-ion battery and easy to charge design ensures quick charge and long-lasting usage. At one charge, it is capable enough to give 5 to 10 days of longevity. The battery adapter comes an integral part of the unit.

fastrack reflex 2.0 fastrack smartwatch india
Fastrack Reflex 2.0

Special Features of Reflex 2.0 series:

  • Whatsapp Enabled: One-click tracking for WhatsApp messages and calls. The messages can be read and marked promptly.
  • Sleep Tracker: Night feature for sleep tracking gives way to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Health Friendly: Features like foot meter and step counter makes it easy to estimate daily exertion. The calorie counter integrated on-screen gives the daily measures of calories burnt.
  • Vibration Feature: Alert with vibration makes it convenient for the user to identify important reminders.
  • Sedentary Tracker: The Fastrack smartwatch give a unique insight into the sedentary time of the day. This helps in adding extra efforts to reduce the dull periods and stay fit.
  • Gym Friendly: Long hours at the gym are no longer a problem. The serration design with perspiration friendly nature provides for great comfort. The health tracker helps in evaluating exercise patterns..
  • Highly Compatible: Easy to install Reflex Wav makes it convenient to connect and start right away! Simple synchronization can update the latest activities.
  • Pocket Friendly: At approx. 2000 INR, this particular Fastrack reflex series a budget-friendly option.

Bow Down to the Fastrack Reflex Wav:

While the Reflex 2.0 concentrates on mid-section, Fastrack Reflex Wav punches in the heavyweight range. The Fastrack smartwatch technology gave the slimmest smartwatch ever in Reflex Wav.

The Fastrack Wav is easily compatible with the older as well as the latest android functions. Besides, it also connects with iOS 8 and above for smoother operations. The Fastrack Reflex Wav creates the aura of being the best in the range. At approx. 4500 INR, The price tag is competitive.  It goes in to contest against some much heavier price selections from other smartwatch brands.

Fastrack Reflex Wav fastrack smartwatch india
Fastrack Reflex Wav

The band withholds its water-resistant properties to a depth of 1m. Even heavy splashes are easily managed. With a screen size of 40mm+ and a thickness of 5mm+, it proves to be one of the largest in class.

The uniqueness of the very product is in its unisex appeal. The Fastrack smartwatch band looks equally attractive on the hands of both genders. Being one of the high profile products in both sections, the demand is universal.

Special Features of Fastrack Reflex Wav:

  • Gesture Control: The Fastrack smartwatch features the whole new gesture control feature. It integrates the camera and call control through gestures.
  • Shake Proof: The screen and band are shake-proof for display integrity.
  • Inbuilt PPT control: The extra added feature of PPT and slide control makes professional presentations easier. Everything can be achieved in one touch.
  • Activity Tracker: The sophisticated activity-tracking feature enhances the performance of Fastrack smartwatches.
  • Qualcomm Technology: Provides for better communication and perfect sync to include a realistic tracker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Do Fastrack Smartwatches track heart rate?

A. Yes, the Fastrack Reflex 2.0 includes HBM that actively detects heart rate throughout the day.

Q. Can the band be changed?

A. Yes, the band is replaceable and can be changed with original ones in different colors.

Q. Does the product come with an integral USB cable?

A. Yes, A USB enabled charging cable with a charging adapter is part of the product.

Q. Is Fastrack smartwatch completely water-proof?

A. No. The product is water-resistant, not waterproof. It can tolerate splashes and little submersion, not long and deep submersions.

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