The Ever-Growing Demand of Noise Smartwatch Products in India 2020

Familiarizing with Noise Smartwatch:

A good product is only as good, as the user thinks of it. The list provides an apt insight into how the Noise Smartwatch range of products has taken over the market. It has its trend-setting design and packed-with-features attribute to thank for it!

Despite the intense competition in the mid-section of smartwatches, Noise has been making heavy inroads. Noise smartwatch products have been competing for the intense battle against much older counterparts. Not only competing, but the company and its Noise Smartwatch premium range has also been winning all the way!

The fact that Noise smartwatch has been hogging the best-seller spot in the leading sales website is enough evidence. 4 years on the trot, the firm has been dominating with its range of intelligent products.

The unique factor of the Noise Smartwatch range is its ability to cover both the mid-section and high-end users equally. By doing so, they provide ample options for users to select and decide. Not only have the users, the products been equally admirable for the big-shot names as well.

Roping in someone like Rohit Sharma to be the brand-ambassador shows the intent of the company to provide quality assurance.

Some of the most-selling and consumer-friendly products of Noise Smartwatch range can be seen along with their features.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2:

This product makes the market spin right on its head. With the introduction of a fully touch-functional screen, it is one the best in its class. Not only the touch-screen, but the Noise Smartwatch Colorfit Pro 2 also has a color screen display. This makes it an interactive and attractive product in the given range.

The ability to sum up all of it under a budget of 4000 INR is commendable. Noise Smartwatch technology is not only feature-rich, but it is also pocket-caring too! Hence, the Noise Colorfit Pro 2 provides you with the latest technology on your wrist, without looting your wallet!

Noise Colorfit Pro 2 is one of the beat noise smartwatch in india

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The real selling features of the Noise Colorfit Pro 2 that make it extremely popular:

  • Unimaginable Battery longevity: A standby life of 45 days with an active life of 10 days in a single charge! If that isn’t some real power, nothing else truly is.
  • Variable tracking: The sports tracker has multiple modes, which makes it adaptable for activity-specific monitoring.
  • Single-Swipe Control: Its touch enables display ensures that one touch makes it active and ready to go.
  • Ultra-light: A polycarbonate body helps the design to reduce the deadweight tremendously. The result is an attractive Noise Smartwatch with feather-like weight.
  • Compatibility: In-app access across various platforms makes it super-friendly for users.

NoiseFit Endure:

The NoiseFit Endure is quite a unique entry in the Noise Smartwatch range of products. The general tendency of making a rectangular dial gets overtaken. A 1.28” radial dial with touch features makes it very attractive. The display features are colorful as well.

The tap & charge feature of this particular Noise Smartwatch makes it extremely easy to replenish the battery. The product is easy to form a cloud-connect and has dozens of cloud features. The analog look is also digitally colorful, which provides a retro touch to the Noise Smartwatch product NoiseFit Endure.

At a budget of just under 4000, this product becomes a winning entry in the specific range.

NoiseFit Endure is one of the beat noise smartwatch in india

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The highly distinguishable selling features of NoiseFit Endure which project it out of the way are numerous:

  • In the clouds: 100 + features that get pro-actively sync to the cloud. Makes the product connect easily across platforms.
  • Variable Exercise: Over a dozen modes of exercise including cycling, treading, and much more.
  • Wireless Charge: Just keep it correctly and it’ll charge on the adapter! One of the easiest products when it comes to tap-on charging.
  • Analog Meets Digital: While the appearance is analog, the features are high-tech digital, giving it a perfect combination.
  • Digital Endurance: Not only the product is tough, but its battery life is also superb. 
  • . The combination of both is what the youth or even office goers look for.

Noise ColorFit 2:

Just like any other major smartwatch producer, Noise Smartwatch range desires to cater to budget-friendly customers. In doing so, the quality and durability is something that the company will never compromise.

To meet the rebellious youth and their trend-flipping demands, the Noise ColorFit 2 came up with its mid-table qualifier. In doing so, the number of features put into the product is unimaginable.

At a budget of comfortably under the 2000 INR milestone, the product is a tough competitor. Matching its description, the screen is color touch and hence quite trendy.

Noise ColorFit 2 is one of the beat noise smartwatch in india

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The basic-looking yet customer-friendly product gives a good list of benefits to the consumer:

  • Fitness-centric: The motto of Noise smartwatch remains to provide the “best fitness answers” to every user’s question. The features are fitness-centric to help the cause.
  • Wrist-Friendly Display: At little less than 1”, the display is broad enough to hold all features and compact enough to look trendy.
  • Tracks the Female Cycle: By integrating the ability to track menstrual cycles, the product reiterates its usefulness to female health.
  • Notifies when its Important: By accessing in-app notification, the product alerts the user when an important thing pops up.

Noising It Up:

With its endless product range across colors and sexes, the Noise Smartwatch range of products excels in every department. The competition across formats is tough but they are definitely noising it up with these 3 competitive products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Noise Smartwatch more durable than other smartwatches?

A. Overall, yes it is. Because the designs are focused on outgoing clients with an active lifestyle.

Q. Is Noise Smartwatch affordable in the mid-range?

A. Yes. It has multiple products in the range of 2k-5k which is the budget-friendly range of smartwatches.

Q. Is Noise Smartwatch available on a pan-country basis?

A. Yes. The product has the feature of right at the door delivery.

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